Landrigan Electronic Safety Equipment

• Batteries, marine rated
• Emergency battle lanterns
     - battery operated
     - 110 volt relay
• Emergency radio locator beacons
• Explosion proof hand lantern
• Life preserver lights
• McMurdo electric water lights

• Signalling light, Aldis type
• USCG approved electric waterlights
• USCG approved flashlights
• Anchor light
• Water light
Strobe lights
• Locator lights
Locator beacons

All equipment is USCG & SOLAS approved.
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We carry:

ACR Electronics
ACR Electronics, Inc
ACR Electronics
Pains Wessex

Featured Products:
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RapidFire™ Strobe


RapidFire™ Strobe
Pull-pin inflatable PDF strobe fits on an inflation tube via O-ring or on any strap of a conventional lifejacket. Will not damage inflation tube.
• Adjustable flash shield for optimum eye protection
• Compact, rugged & waterproof
• Automatically lights when vest inflates or if pin is pulled
• Light test feature with "test key" can be tested many times
• "Tamper Tab" breaks to indicate light has been activated
• Lithium battery has a 10-year storage life (recommend replacing at 5 yrs)
• Operating life - approximately 8 hrs continuous.

Search & Rescue Transponder


SOS Search & Rescue Transponder
9GHz receiver transmitter immediately responds to incoming radar signal. Survival craft is identified as a series of 12 in-line dots on the radar screen.
• Small & lightweight (2 lb)
• Maintenance free
• Built-in test facility
• Audio/visual alarm
• 5 year replaceable battery

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