Landrigan Electronic Safety Equipment

Pyrotechnics - USCG & SOLAS Approved
• Bridge kit
• Day and night distress flare
• 15-minute Buoysmoke orange smoke signal
• Illumination flare
• Lifeboat distress kit
Lifesmoke 3-minute floating orange smoke
Manoverboard combination smoke & light   signal
• Maroon Flare
• Orange hand distress flare
Red hand distress flare
• Red hand-held rocked-propelled parachute
• Speedline 250 line throwing apparatus
• Speedline 250 spares kit
• 2 Star rocket

Fire Fighting Equipment
• Aluminized asbestos fireman's suit
• Breathing apparatus USCG approved
• FFF foam nozzle w/fog foam screen
• FFF foam nozzle w/fog shaper
• Fire axes & fire axe brackets
• Fire fighting foam liquid
• Fire hoses
• Fireman's clothing including rubber boots,
  non-conductive rubber gloves, fireman's
  turnout coat & pants
• Fireman's outfits consisting of crash axe,
  explosion-proof flashlight, fireproof lifelines,
  safety belt harness, safety hard hat
• Flame safety lamp USCG approved
• Flame safety lamp fluid
• Hose adapters, caps, couplings & reducers
• Hose spanners: adjustable, common,
• In-line FWB eductor w/pickup tube & metering
• International shore connection
• Leader line shutoff
• Low-velocity applicator
• Nozzles, all purpose fog, USCG approved

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Featured Products:

Red Flares


Pinpoint Red Hand-Held Flare
• Each flare burns drip-dree for 60 seconds at 10,000 (minimum) candlepower
• Visible up to 5 miles away
• Safe, easy-to-operate pull-twist-strike ignition system
• Fully waterproof
• Exceeds U.S. Coast Guard specification

Orange Smoke Signals


Pinpoint Orange Hand-Held Smoke Signals
• Each smoke signal burns for 60 seconds (minimum)
• Safe, easy to operate pull-twist-strike ignition system
• Produces dense bright orange smoke visible up to 5 miles
• Indicates windspeed and direction
• Full waterproof plastic body will float in water
• Exceeds U.S. Coast Guard specification

Crew-Overboard Light


Float Free Incandescent Crew-Overboard Light

• Automatically rights itself and activates when in water
• Focused lens provides bright white light at 360° visibility for over 1 mile (1.6km)
• Operates on 4 "D" alkaline batteries
• Operating life: 36 continuous hours, nominal
• USCG & CE approved

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